Whiskey Chilling Stones for your Man Cave Bar

I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to grab some ice cubes  for my drink and not only do they add some funky smell and taste to it, but my hands seem to smell too from grabbing them. Have you ever considered  drink chilling stones? These little beauties are made of soapstone and they are perfect for your private bar in your man cave.

If your ice cubes off-gas as well, you’ll probably agree  that uncleanliness is not the culprit. The fact is that the porous ice cubes absorb scents in the freezer from other foods stored in there. You might suggest some remedies but they don’t work…
Oh yes, we do have a box of baking soda in the freezer, and yes we change out the ice fairly often, and yes its a new refrigerator, and NO there isn’t a dead animal in there! Its a losing battle to have perfect ice unless you buy it by the bag new EVERY time you want to use some. Waste of money!

But there is a solution and it rocks!! Literally:

See the multiple styles here

Drink chilling stones, also known as whiskey chilling stones, or whiskey rocks, are what you need for your man-cave bar. There’s absolutely no question these are the answer and here’s why:

These ones are, and as they should be, made of soapstone.
Soapstone is the answer because it isn’t porous meaning it WILL NOT take on stains (i.e. red wine), and bacteria can’t really harbor in it like a sponge would do, and they are easy to clean. Cleaning products won’t damage them. They won’t add any unusual scent or flavor to your drink, and they won’t release any chemicals into your drink. They will not change the composition of your drink as they are non-reactive to acidic or alkali liquids (that you’ll be drinking anyhow).
Soapstone will not burn or stain therefore it won’t discolor from these variables either. And, if gently cleansed with warm soapy water, your whiskey chilling stones will develop a natural patina in time. This slight darkening is in fact considered an attractive quality. …to see soapstone that has aged gracefully over time is like a finely aged wine, whiskey, or scotch and YOU need them for this reason alone! Many finish their counter tops in soapstone for all of the admirable qualities and the natural patina is just one of them.

Most importantly, and ideal for our purpose, the stone is inert and will handle heat and cold to the extreme without affecting it. The stone will release heat and/or cold for lengthy periods of time providing YOUR desired result of PERFECTNESS. Chill your red just right, or chill your scotch just right.

And most importantly,

Your drink chilling stones will not melt and dilute your drink at hand! Use these stones in your fine whiskey, scotch, or chill wine to your desired temperature. They won’t take up a ton of space in your man-cave fridge either so they are perfect in sparing space for the other important things.

I highly suggest you grab some of these for your man cave. I wouldn’t do with out mine for a second! Chill your savory drinks in style and add these to your man cave collection.

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