Where to find great outdoor grill accessories – Here’s a start

Finally, summer is in full swing so that means less hibernation in the mancave and more grilling on the patio with friends and family. With all the different types of cookers and barbecues out there we could really go on for hours and never get bored. One thing we often overlook though are the outdoor grill accessories to complement our favorite cooker.

I’ve got the place to find your unique barbecue grill accessories.

I myself have been using a Traeger wood fired grill for the past couple of years and ever since I got it, my barbecue cover hasn’t even been taken off! I absolutely love this thing and to be honest, I haven’t found a better way to cook anything yet… Now, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t tried all the different methods out there, but my Traeger grill will definitely keep me preoccupied for a long time!

To go with my Trager grill are a couple of things. One, the Trager app with amazing recipes for all types of outdoor grilling, and two, some wicked outdoor grill accessories.

Do you have a cast-iron garlic roaster?

Use your outdoor grill to house a couple of these cast-iron garlic roasters to add mouth-watering flavors to any of your Traeger creations or other barbecue grill recipes. This wicked little tool is the shape of a head of garlic and is pre-seasoned to enhance flavor.

Thecast-iron garlic roaster can hold up to two heads of garlic so a few of these babies will be enough to provide your guests each with a head of garlic to smear on some warm toasted focaccia bread. With this wicked outdoor grill accessory, you will want to cook your garlic as follows:

Here is the recipe for the garlic roaster

Pick up 4-6 full heads of garlic and slice about the top quarter of the head of garlic off with a serrated knife cross-grain.

Throw a dash of powdered thyme on the exposed tips of the garlic cloves with the garlic head still intact.

Set the heads of garlic down into the bottom tray of the garlic roaster with the spiced-side facing up.

Drizzle olive oil or your favorite cooking oil over the top of the heads of garlic. (see image below)

Cover the garlic with the lid of the garlic roaster. In the meantime prepare your sliced bread or focaccia.

Set your grill to 300 F and place your garlic roasters on the top grill and let them bake for 45 minutes or until the garlic cloves are soft to touch like mashed-potato consistency.

Remove the garlic roasters from the grill and toast your sliced bread or focaccia as you wish.

Carefully remove the garlic from the cast iron roasters and use the silicone garlic squeezer that comes with the roaster to remove the amazing spread out of the head of garlic that you just created. Be careful, these little cloves of garlic are super hot!

Enjoy this recipe as your spread for your toasted bread or focaccia. To get real creative, add some bruschetta on top of the spread for some mouth-watering flavors.

Enjoy the days of summer with mancaveowner

Stay connected and be sure to look for more barbecue grill accessory tips from us as we enjoy some great times with family and friends in the great outdoors. Oh and seriously, check out one of these Traeger grills, and even consider having a look at their app beforehand.


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