Unique Whiskey Glasses

Another addition to consider for your man cave bar are these unique whiskey glasses that rock and roll around to release all of the aroma that be.  These little beauties can be set up as custom whiskey glasses as well with personalized engraving offered.

Unique Whiskey Glasses

Rocking whiskey glasses

The glasses come in a set of six and are made of hand blown glass. They’ll hold 7oz so they are perfect for a number of cocktails as well but they are definitely set to please when displaying the glowing amber and ochre highlights of your finest whiskey.

Again, what’s even cooler about these is that they’ll engrave them for you as well. Makes a fantastic gift for your bestie too! Highly recommended by mancaveowner.com!


  • Kevin says:

    Really nice Glasses…
    I´m trying to start a man cave on my house… well, I´m trying it for about 3 years now LOL.
    I think I´ll start with something little, like glasses… haha
    Let me ask you something, I like Chivas, does this glasses match the sweet taste of Chivas 12?


    • Adam B says:

      Thanks! These glasses are must friend. You don’t need to remind yourself to swirl prior to each sip as the rocking motion alone after each placement back on the table will release the lightly smoked, sweet cereal grain and oak aroma. The glass will be densely populated with thick heavy air of fine scotch whisky waiting to waft over your pharynx with each sip to come! Cheers!

  • andrejs says:

    Ye, good old days I used to consume this beverage. Not anymore but I have a great number of different whiskey glasses on my home bar shelves.
    These Roly Poly Rocking Whiskey Glasses could be great my collection improvement and why not drink soda and not spill any drop on table?

  • Rock says:

    Hi Adam,

    These are fantastic glasses either for display, use, or gift. I will definitely get my own set once I’ve installed my own mini bar soon. =) Thanks for such an amazing recommendation. Love those clocks too! I’m hoping to see more from your site as it looks promising.

    Thanks for posting. Cheers!


    • Adam B says:

      Hello Rocky,

      I can’t agree with you more on these glasses. I love mine, and I get lots of compliments on them too.

      The clocks are “A Hands Down”. Definitely an eye catcher and conversation piece.

      Your comments are appreciated,


  • Elsa says:

    Those are some pretty neat whiskey glasses! My husband and I collect shot glasses and are always looking for something else to add to our collection. So they actually roll around without spilling? After all, it would be a shame to spill a nice drink of whiskey! I might have to look at buying these for my husband.

    • Adam B says:

      Hello Elsa, these are in fact great whiskey glasses. I have them myself and they are snazzy and they don’t spill either. I’d rccommend them for sure!

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