Unique Beer Bottle Openers for your Man Cave Bar

Hey gang, I have a friend at work who’s son has designed some of the coolest, unique, hand-made bottle openers I’ve ever seen. He calls them “petite pioche” and they are hand crafted from locally sourced, scrap hardwoods in Canada. His name is Chris and I think he’s really done something unique here as far as cool bottle openers go. They’ve got a real rugged and outdoorsy Canadian feel to them as well. Have a gander:

unique bottle opener

axe handle bottle opener


Basically an axe handle bottle opener with a stainless steel insert to pry lids.

Oh right, It took no time at all for the “other” versions to appear that just don’t seem to have the same quality of construction and use copper inserts instead. We all know how soft copper is, I mean, a case of beer later and the tooth edge of your bottle opener would be shredded.  Just make sure you buy twist-off beer bottles if you have the “copper” version, or your camping trip, or worse yet, your man cave bar could be without an opener!

Anyhow, the boys over at Made in House have built THE ONE AND ONLY true beauty here, and if you want to pick one up for your man cave bar, OR anything else, grab one quick because they are flying through them as I speak! As far as unique beer bottle openers go, these guys have got it down! Great work dudes!


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