My Most Important Man Cave Accessory

The indoor man cave accessory is important but I have to say at this time of year, there is one that tops the list and that’s my grill. My grill is a Traeger wood-fired grill. People call them smokers and it drives me crazy sometimes because it is waaaay more than a smoker. It has a smoke setting but also 9 other temperature settings on a digital thermostat ranging from 180 F all the way up to 400 F in 25-degree Fahrenheit increments…therefore its more like an oven with amazing flavor potential just from the heat alone. I haven’t actually used my propane barbecue since purchasing this grill and I think it’s going on three years now. I actually would say it’s also the perfect man cave gift.

Today I’ll share a quick burger cook with you

These burgers I’m using here are the western family sirloin beef burgers that you can pick up in the frozen food section at the grocery store. I usually grab a couple of boxes and throw them in the freezer at home for easy access. I actually cook them from frozen as well in about 20 minutes and that is what I am going to show you today. I’ve also done steaks like this and you wouldn’t believe it until you try but easy as ever, massively delicious, and so juicy. The burgers cook just the same. I don’t think you can match it on a barbecue as far as juicy goes…there is no way. Okay, here we go.

Ultimate man cave accessory in action

1. Open the grill and set the cooking dial to smoke to get the fire pot ready

2. Dial to smoke setting to start up the fire pot. It does not stay here. This image still shows the dial in the shutdown setting so we’d turn it to smoke here.

3. Initial smoke cycle is in full swing before new pellets are feed into the fire pot. Once the smoke dissipates here, close the lid and crank the temp up to 350 F. We are about 5 minutes in before its time to heat up the grill. Now is a good time to get your burgers out.

4. Lid closed and heat dial set to 350 F.


5. Preheating

6. Once you are at temperature, open the grill clean it with a grill brush. This keeps your cooking surface clean. It is also something you want to do at the end of your cook too by letting the heat remain on for 10 minutes or so to burn off excess cook residue. Do this for your health! You don’t want to wipe out your kidneys with ecoli from improper food preparation.

Okay so grill is now ready…

Ice cold patties about to transform into a little slice of heaven

7. Onto the hot grill and ready for spice now.

8. Spice

9. Ten minutes in, time to flip and add spice to the other side. Remember we are cooking from ice to start.

10. Second side cooking for 8-10 minutes and almost ready to come off the grill.

11. Patties are off and dripping with amazing juices.

The rest is up to you my friend…

We have been using these Foldit five grain and flax flatbread for our burgers. We get them at Save On foods where the tortilla wraps and such are. You can definitely load them up with much more toppings and you don’t get the heavy, tired feeling afterwards as you would with a boatload of fluffy burger buns. I suggest you give them a try. Also nice and easy to get a mouth around.

All dressed up with a freshly sliced Black Krim tomato from the farmers market, some freshly sliced onions, some bold and spicy mustard, and some ketchup. And of course, an ice-cold Goose Island IPA to wash it all down. Muah! Bon appetite!





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