Man Cave Gift Basket

Okay okay, man cave and basket don’t really seem like synonymous terms at all but there really is a gift basket for everything and the folks I am focused on here today have put together some of the best man cave gift baskets around! The boys over at nailed this one good.


The 5 reasons why one of these man cave gift baskets will probably work out for you:

1. Screw jumping in the car to drive around and fight traffic to assemble what you think might be the perfect items are for your man cave gift basket

2. You know exactly where to find one of these manly crates to put your gifts in don’t you? We all know the answer to that.

3. You figured out the first 3 items that might be cool but what matches with them, or goes hand-in-hand?? I know that I AND ninety percent of men SUCK at figuring this out so what does that say?

4. Throwing together more than 2 gift baskets is potentially going to be a challenge as a gift for your grooms men because you know darn well that of the 8 or so gift sets that you need for each person, (5 grooms men and 3 extra for you), the store will have short supply and that is just frustrating when you are in a rush because…

5. You left it all to the last minute when you should have just clicked add to cart ONCE, months ago and had it all said and done.

Part of my Stag was on the golf course and I wish I had this man cave gift basket to honour my grooms men!

  • golf towel with clip
  • tee holder
  • plastic golf tees (they last!)
  • top-brand golf balls
  • golf tool
  • drink glasses to go with the scotch
  • snack packs
  • cigar case lined with cedar (as it should be)
  • Nicaraguan stoggies
  • cigar torch
  • ciger cutter
  • and a sturdy case to pack it all into

So, there ya have it, one of the classiest, coolest man cave gift baskets out there.


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