Man Cave Beer Tap Handles

So you’ve built a man cave bar, outfitted with a kegerator, lines and all, and now you are looking to customize your tap with some man cave beer tap handles.

There are basically four or five styles of beer tap handles you can choose from.

The Brewster-style beer tap handle to the right is the standard, roughly 12″, cylindrically-lathe-shaped specimen that comes in abrewster natural wood tap handle variety of finishings from different woods, varnishes, paint colors, and decals. There are also options to have them stamped or engraved with your own personal name or message so that your are sporting custom man cave beer tap handles in the best fashion possible. Again, this is the brewster-style handle.


The second option is the round beer tap handle that again comes in a roughly 12″ length round beer tap handleand also sports a variety of finishings from different woods, from some vendors, varnishes, paint colors and decals. Also fully customizable beer tap handles here for your man cave.



The third snazzy old-english pub-styled beer tap handle option for pub style square beer tap handleyour man cave is roughly 10″ in height and also comes with a variety of different finishings catered to your style of choosing. Create an old english, friendly pub atmosphere with these unique beer tap handles.



Another unique style of man cave beer tap handles to boast in your man cave bar are these 8″ solid woodpersonalized rectangular beer tap handles and custom laser-etched masterpieces done to your personal specifications. They look great with you family or friends names on them to create a montage of those that mean the most to you- in a unique way. Not a bad item for honoring a group of groomsmen at a wedding party either. Just have them changed out prior to the celebration at the bar.


Of course there is always the option to “go all out” and design your man cave bar like nothing else on earth, but like I have said before, I’m pretty confident that <5% of the guys you know would have one, so you really don’t have to shoot that far to be unique here. Once you are ready to finish off the piping from the kegerators, make it easy on yourself and pick one of the four beautifully designed options above and you are done. I think once you see all of the options, colors and styles all done up, you’ll have no problem finding something you like.

Keep me posted on what you choose and how they look, I can’t wait to hear what you think!







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