Man Cave Bar – Introducing Microbrewery Equipment

One of the newest emerging trends among man cave owners is the hobby of micro brew or craft beer. In a moment, we’ll be talking about the Pico Brew-microbrewery equipment system. Here at we have written about nifty bar structure ideas such as adding in your own counter-top beer taps fully customized with your own choice of beer tap handles or other interesting items such as different kegerator options.

I myself have done wine brewing in the past and will say that it does take some significant time and effort. The key is to purchase the proper gear and have the right instruction, which is really the case with anything and then you will experience much better results.

One of the most important things to note is the cost of obtaining all the initial gear and supplies required to even get started. This includes primary fermenters, secondary fermenters or carboys, hydrometers, bungs, filtration hoses and systems as well as a myriad of other contraptions and chemicals to operate. Something to really consider before you start.

The Pico Brew system simplifies this process immensely.

With the new pico brew model C system, two hours per batch to start and 10-14 days of refinement, you’ll have FIVE fine liters of fresh micro brew beers to enjoy – fully fermented, carbonated, and ready for the most discerning of palates.

That process I talked about before of other brewing methods involves hours of messy filtration, re-pouring and sterilizing can be an extremely daunting task but not with the PicoBrew. This modern device has been designed by beer enthusiasts for beer enthusiasts from accurately measure and balanced fresh ingredients. The end result is predictable and accurate-everytime. The process is lean and simple and is worth the price. Its really akin to purchasing a junky vacuum cleaner that breaks down in a year or two and then going out and spending double for the good one afterward. Spend the money the right way the first time around!

Flavours and Aromas reminiscent of the Pro Brewmaster

With the Pico Brew model C, you’ll have access to 170 award-winning brews to choose from. So many to note in fact that I’d suggest going straight over to the site to see the amazing selection of variety.

With their selection at Pico Brew, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need that suits your palate of craft beer.

A craft brew system that offers customization

Another one of my favorite offerings of the PiccBrew Model C is that I can specifically request particular grains, hops, and yeast from one of the PikoPak recipes that are part of the Freestyle program.

Do you have experience brewing but are done with all the complex equipment and tools and chemicals required with a home-built set-up much like I was with home wine brewing? If so, know that you can continue to create amazing craft beers but in a much easier format that yet again rivals pro brewmaster recipes around the globe.

Counter-top Craft Brewing- A brief overview of features

  • optimizing technology with specialized techniques to craft beer on your counter top in the man cave
  • PikoPak houses the freshest ingredients and electronically identifies PicoBrew’s instructions for each beer
  • with exact measured ingredients, obtain consistent results everytime
  • Compost your environmentally-conscious PikoPaks once used
  • Using distilled water is key to allow for PicoBrew amendments that build up your water with appropriate minerals in the brew process-another control for perfect results everytime
  • Precision mashing that extracts necessary sugars and flavor from the grains-produce the optimum “wort” that then creates your gateway to optimum beer
  • A precision process begins where the fluid is boiled and cooled at set temperatures whereby the fermentation process can the begin
  • introduce hops through various stages of boiling to create a large range of different beer recipes
  • Fermentation is next over the course of 4-7 days to begin converting sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide
  • 1500 watts of steam heat
  • WIFI connected to operate your device while away from home
  • detachable kegs to begin new batches
  • attractive black powder-coated finish

An Attractive and Intelligent System

At, we would highly recommend researching this product and considering its ease of use in creating amazing craft beer to stock your man cave bar-fridge with. Again with 170 different recipes, there is definitely an option for you and all of your guests favorite flavors. Also, please let us know what you think of the product or if you have any additional questions, comments or observations.

With this PicoBrew Model C, you really can’t go wrong. Considering the high price of imported craft beer over the course of a year or more, this machine will easily replace the costs of purchasing store-bought varieties. Not only that, but you’ll be able to take ownership of your personally created micro brews.








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