Man Cave Bar Ideas – Bar Tools

Regardless of the style of man cave that you have decided to build, chances are that you are going to be including or have included some bar plans into the architecture of your man cave. Instead of focusing on bar plans for today, we will be considering some other man cave bar ideas for you instead – man cave bar-tools.

Man Cave bar tools are a great place to begin

Not only is having a man cave unique in and of itself, there are literally thousands of man cave bar ideas out there and that is great for helping you with design ideas, but when it comes to personalizing your man cave bar, you should really consider having some unique tools on display as part of your decor.

There are numerous styles to choose from including two of my favorites : the hammered steel look, and the ridgemont gold bar-tool set.

The deluxe hammered steel 9-piece bar tool set

For the price, this bar tool set is really one of my favorite additions to have sitting atop of the man cave bar and having a bar tool set is definitely one of the best man cave bar ideas that will set your cave apart from the others. This is a modern looking set that is sure to display your drink preparation in style as you mix and pour beverages for your friends.

Features of the hammered steel bar tool set include:

  • quality
  • handsome hammered stainless steel
  • 26oz cocktail shaker included
  • 14-inch serving tray

The Ridgemont gold bar tool set of distinction

It’s a tough call on which one to choose here. This set comes with a cocktail shaker, strainer, jigger, and an 11″ long bar spoon that also serves equally as a muddler. This set has a gold-toned finish on precision-made industrial strength stainless steel AND is engravable with your choice of monogram.

Gathering around the bar is common place

It’s like the kitchen gathering. You have a large group of friends over with some appetizers on the counter. Nine times out of ten, everyone naturally tends to gravitate to that setup for drinks, snacks, and chit-chat. You man cave bar isn’t going to be any different so if you are looking for some of the best places to start for man cave ideas, I suggest you begin here for those reasons.

Spend a few extra dollars over time and you’ll be fully decked-out

This hammered-steel set with provide you with all the numerous tools you’ll need in an attractive-looking presentation. This sharp looking set includes a 26oz cocktail shaker, strainer, stir spoon, fruit knife, bottle opener, double jigger, ice bucket, and a 14-inch serving tray.


Designing your man cave doesn’t have to be a challenging experience. With a multitude of accessories available for all amenities in your man cave, it is just a matter of choosing the decor that fits your theme. Of the two different varieties of bar tool sets presented here, you have the bar tool decor covered for 99% of them.

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