Looking for the Best Man Cave Gifts?

Sometimes it can be quite a daunting task to find a unique gift for someone but today we are going to begin to hook you up with some of the best man cave gifts around starting with a focus on BBQ.

After all, what is a man cave without a BBQ or wood-fired smoker and all of the fixins that go with it?

Well, the bros over at thebrobasket.com have put together some really snazzy shenanigans! As one of the best man cave gifts around that has all of the thoughtful additives, check this out:

BBQ Bash - BBQ Gift

from: The BroBasket


This man cave gift is nothing short of everything you need for a great BBQ bash

  • BBQ utensils in a carry case
  • a couple of bags of snacks
  • some planks of cedar to smoke some salmon on
  • a spiffy lighter
  • AND of course some bourbon, barbeque sauce.

All packed into a manly wooden crate that you can toss under your BBQ for later storage

I’d say this is the not only a perfect gift for a house warming party for a pal that just bought his own place, but it could also be that perfect “picker-upper gift” for a friend who may be down in the dumps, you know, recently dumped by a girlfriend…


Bring this set over with a couple of buddies and you’ve just given one of the best man cave gifts out there!

Cheers Mate








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