Jager Bomb Shot Glasses – A Must Have for the Man Cave

Introductory content. If I had a nickel for all the times I was at a guest’s party and the words Jager bomb came-up, well maybe I could buy myself a new golf-driver! Not what you thought I was going to say, I know, but often enough it happens. I will suggest that having a set of Jager bomb shot glasses on hand will be a nice addition to your man cave glass/bar ware. Also, an interesting topic of conversation are these pieces, and once the conversation starts, I’m going to say that guests are likely going to want to give them a shot – pun intended.

Do you remember your first Jager bomb?

I sure do…it was messy. Spillage everywhere! Pour the energy drink into a glass, fill a shot glass with the world-renowned Jagermeister, drop the shot into the glass with the energy drink and then pound the whole thing. I always found the aftertaste was much like Amaretto-a pleasant taste to me… always had the strange inclination to dance after a few as well.

In any case, these new Jager bomb shot glasses are a perfect addition to your man cave, or as a gift to offer to a friend who owns a man cave. Heck, they are good for anyone that has the occasional “cocktail” party.

These glasses are specifically designed to separate two layers of liquid and maintain them as such for display. Not only that but there is the option to etch initials on the glass to suit the host/owner. Check it out:

Use the modern beauty of technology to build your shot glass and chaser into one unit. These jager bomb shot glasses with keep your liquids separated all the way till they’re downed. Bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, wedding parties-groomsmen and yes bridesmaids, not a bad addition to your gift baskets at all. I would also consider these for workplace gift-basket raffles for fundraising. Remember, the cooler the gift basket, the more tickets are purchased so keep that thought in mind and order a set of these little beauties to throw into that prize!

Recipes for your Jager bomb shot glasses

Jager Bomb

Top: Jager

Bottom: Energy Drink

Red Snapper

Top: Whiskey

Bottom: ¾ Cranberry Juice, ¼ Amaretto

Lemon Drop

Top: Vodka

Bottom: Hard Lemonade

Tequila Sunrise

Top: Tequila

Bottom: Orange Juice

Whiskey and Water

Top: Whiskey

Bottom: Whiskey

Features of the glassware

  • two part drink, one simple step and no splash down onto your clothing as the shot glass crashes to the inner front of the chaser glass
  • liquids remain separated in display until tipped 2
  • Jager bomb shot glasses with one initial etched onto each glass
  • 1 oz in the top, 3.5 oz chaser reservoir below.

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Your gatherings will happen so as a HOST, consider optimum preparation

After seeing and writing about many types of man cave bar ware, these Jager bomb shot glasses are definitely unique additions to have within your collection unique man cave items. And again, if you don’t have a man cave, then a friend likely does, and if still no luck, these glasses are a sure addition to any wedding party gift set.

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  • Matt says:

    Hi Adam, what a cool site, love the content. I enjoyed the subject and found your description very informative. I can’t remember how many times I’ve had spillage while trying to make a bomb, sure there might be reasons for that.. Ha ha. This is definitely an item that will sell because it is practice and as you said a bit of a talking point. Hope you have success with this its a great niche.
    Cheers Matt

    • Adam B says:

      Hello Matt, thanks for taking some time to comment on my website and post. I couldn’t agree more! Have a great night and thanks again, Adam.

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