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Hello and welcome to mancaveowner.com. It’s a pleasure to have your company here. As I move forward and expand the website, I’m sure you’ll find some ideas for your own man cave.

Location of your man cave is something to think about

First things first,

3 important aspects to consider in Designing your man cave

1. Location of your man cave
2. Purpose or Functionality of your man cave
3. Theme of your man cave


Location of your man cave

Have you thought of where your man cave will exist? Are you lucky enough to have the space on your property to build an extra “guest house” style retreat that is a completely separate entity of your main dwelling?

Trex Transcend



Or are you looking at a basement, den, attic, or bonus room such as this:


Each style of man cave will be quite a bit different than other options that are available.

For example, with detached man caves, there’ll need to be many other details first put in place before you can even think about decorating it.

  • Does the structure need a building permit? that initially needs to be approved by your local municipality before construction begins?   For example, most municipalities require a permit for a deck, a hot tub, a shed, or a detached garage. So, be sure to peruse your local building codes or even contact them to find out. It will potentially save you a gigantic headache moving along. There would obviously be many advantages to this type of structure with the number one benefit being the ability to disregard noise disruption to the rest of the house.  Try to be considerate of noise pollution to your nearby neighbors.

Other locations that you’re likely going to be considering for your man cave are going to be the basement or an alternate room in the home such as a den, or bonus room.

  • In the newer style homes that have a bonus room located above the garage that is attached to the home, there will likely be some limits to the design of the room. These limits aren’t necessarily based on style restrictions of the imagination, but more so by your own family’s desires and wishes on the use of the space. It is likely going to be a challenge obtaining approval for an imitation stuffed head of a star wars creature over your mantle, or even things like neon beer signs.
  • And then there is the sound pollution you’ll be adding to the home with your Friday night friend gatherings.



source: image created by Jon Defreest for the website Tauntr. Website source: http://laughingsquid.com/taxidermied-heads-of-star-wars-creatures-mounted-on-fireplaces/


  • Rendering a den as a man cave will likely follow along the same lines as the bonus room idea, however, there are definitely more subtle design aspects that can be considered for this and we will explore some of these in the future. The goal here is just to provide you with some things to consider before you start building.

Lastly, on location, some of us may have the luxury to utilize an entire unfinished basement to renovate as a man cave. With the numerous varieties of basement layouts that exist, there are also hundreds of ideas out there for things such as under-the-stairs spaces, or unique cubbies and sections of basements that exist.

Understand that any of these cave-styles we focus on CAN be redesigned for YOUR man cave space that you have selected for development. Don’t discount ideas tailored to suite a garage or other area as the idea may be just as great in another space that you have selected.


Purpose or functionality of your man cave

In the grand scheme of things, your man cave is going to serve either a single purpose such as a place for sleep, which is unlikely, or your man cave is going to serve multiple purposes. Some of these purposes may include and combine:

– a gaming room
– a computer room i.e. space for office work, or market trading
– a theater
– a sports fanatics den
– a traditional gaming room with poker tables, billiards, card playing tables, etc.
– a place that is for rest, relaxation, and reflection
– an all out party room for friend gatherings
– a custom bar and lounge with kitchenette

Whatever your ideal purpose, we will examine ideas that highlight these functions and where to get the supplies to build them. In the future, multiple pages on mancaveowner.com will be dedicated to all of the above for your enjoyment.


Theme of your man cave

Now for the most exciting part of your man cave: adding your personal touch. Are you a sports fanatic who lives, eats, and sleeps football, soccer ball, rugby, hockey, track and field, auto, winter sports or any of the others I may have left out? (I apologize if I’ve missed yours). Imagine the possibilities in design with a sports theme.

Or how about music? Is your man cave going to incorporate a sound proof area enabling you to gather with your band to create music? We’ll look at music themes too. What about a modern theme, or a rustic-styled theme? More options there as well…

Not only is the theme you choose going to reflect your style of room, but then there is architectural style you may not have considered as the underlying design as well. Your chosen theme can be supported by any of these following architectural styles:

  • Colonial
  • Cape Cod
  • Dutch
  • European
  • Georgian
  • French country
  • English cottage
  • Mountain chalet
  • Southwestern
  • New American
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • Ranch
  • Gothic
  • Country
  • Craftsman

And the list goes on! Again, sorry if I missed your ideal theme, this is the short form of what mancaveowner.com will cover in the future and you can see now the potentially hundreds if not thousands of combinations that can be matched together to create your optimum retreat.  Anyhow, once we begin exploring all of these ideas, I think you’ll quite easily find what you need to achieve this.  Stay in touch and send your comments and ideas to me so that I can elaborate on them. Lets make this our community for our pleasure.