Flavored Water Recipes for Parties at your Man Cave = The Past


It’s not a bad idea and you’ve seen them everywhere. Large glass beverage dispensers filled with ice, chopped fruit, and water. I mean, why not? Its easy enough and the concept is fairly simple too. But searching out flavoured water recipes for your gathering is also a great way to consume your planning time isn’t it?

You work all week, and plan for your man cave throw for the weekend, and then you work again Monday. In other words, why should you be worrying about the ice and fruit scramble beforehand, and then the cleaning of the fragile dispenser afterwards in that kind of time period? Oh right, did I say that those dispensers ARE fragile

You do realize that any of those glass dispensers that are 3 PLUS gallons RUPTURE with rapid and sudden temperature changes don’t you? Usually at the time of filling them.

I can see it now. You rip around town to find appetizing and exotic looking fruit to chop up and wastefully drown in water. Then you fill your HUGE glass dispenser with ice on any given temperature day, AND then when you finally add the water to get the fruited water effect, the rapid temperature change in the glass causes RUPTURE! It will. Trust me (oh yes it was on the label when you bought it).

So then you find yourself cleaning up your doubly-priced, gorgeous organic FRUIT AND GLASS salad on the floor while using ALL of the remaining half roll of paper towel on the property to clean it up!  Do you want to spend that precious time racing around to buy a mop and bucket before the party? No you don’t.

And until you or I own a resort and need a perfect water recipe for dispensers while serving enormous volumes of fruit flavour -infused water, THEN I suggest we keep it simple but more classy than ever! Otherwise, you hire someone to do that, as their sole job…prepping massive water dispensers for guests.

So in our case today, we opt for simple but the best. And its attractive!

Go with this brand and everything is covered. FOREVER. 

  • ultra-pure  H2O  as the base
  • natural flavor infused
  • attractive bottle
  • fabulous taste
  • all you need is a fancy bucket with some ice to plunk them into for your guests
  • available as a subscription for your busy man cave or club

Have a closer look at this wicked tasting bevvy:




Need we say more?


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