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Definite must-have Items for a Man Cave

If you are looking for the ultimate accessories for a man cave, there is one item that you absolutely must have, and that my friend is a beautiful deck of playing cards.

Yes, it’s okay to have a junky deck lying around that you know might get trashed during a wild gathering,  but when the time comes to impress and deliver a message of sophistication, then you HAVE to get a nice looking deck of man cave playing cards.

like this…


arcane deck by ellusionist

Black Arcane Deck :


Save your old deck for beer pong coasters to protect your ping pong table and use these fancy cards with ultra-thick premium card stock, and crisp artwork that is sure to impress your company.

When you’re done with the old deck that has dried to a stone hard cider crisp, throw it on your kids bike with a clothes pin for the loudest kid bike on the block. They’ll be so proud 🙂

This is how you are going to store the good ones:


enough said right? Take any deck of your liking and display it in appearance to be floating above this book.  I think it deserves a shelf all on its own!


and if you’re afraid someone might touch it…


Then I suggest you just stash your fancy cards in a truly wild box like this:

  • comes in 4 fabulous designs (above is one of four)
  • cardboard-made but of high quality with a magnetic lid
  • stack fifteen decks vertically OR display 8 decks side-by-side
  • comes empty so be sure to order some decks to fill the box
  • they are offering a deal to throw a box in for free at this time with the purchase of 15 decks.


So there ya have it folks, a sweet accessory that you can leave lying around your man cave OR carefully display on a mantle. I suggest you swing by to grab some of these sweet additions for your man cave. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!


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  • Russel says:

    Woah! Unique one right here. These are beautiful items. A must have accessories. Made me want to have a man cave at home. Maybe with the new house this year. You just gave an idea. Brilliant! ^_^ See ya Adam!

    • Adam B says:

      Hey Russel, thanks for your input. I couldn’t agree with you more on their beauty, especially when you hold them in your hands, you can tell the quality in that alone. Highly recommended. They almost make you want to start a collection when you see them in real, you know, like cuff-links or watches can make you feel. Anyhow, all the best in building that new home of yours! Take care man!

  • renelyn says:

    Interesting is it a great gift for the man in a valentine? Cause I’m thinking for some things to give for my Man 🙂
    What is the best game can I play with this card I’m not expert in playing cards but I want to learn so that when I give it to my man he will enjoy playing with me 🙂

    • Adam B says:

      Hello Renelyn,
      First of all great name! Never heard it before and its very nice!
      Thanks for stopping by to comment and ask a question. I think this is a fantastic valentine gift actually. It’s small and unique and won’t cost a fortune yet your man will truly appreciate it. As far as card games go and which ones you could play together, I’d recommend that you visit this link for a thorough list of games and their descriptions.
      The Most Fun Card Games

      This way, you can decide what game suites the two of you most to match your personality types 🙂
      Hope he likes the gift!

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