The Man Cave Chef


        … how about serving up some sushi or fresh bruschetta baguettes for your man cave guests??

Man Cave Bruschetta P

This section of is going to cover kitchen items that you may find useful when building your room.

Although most man caves won’t need to be decked out with kitchen supplies and appliances, there may be some smaller appliances that will serve you well in preparing appetizers and hors d’oeuvres for yourself and your guests.

A microwave oven, or toaster oven might be all you need as far as cooking goes and we’ll examine these options down the road. If you have a patio nearby, I’d suggest a Traeger Grill wayyyyyy before a BBQ any day! That’s another story too.

sushi roll da Silva Parreira


Other ideal small appliances might include blenders (DO NOT CHEAP OUT on this one), coffee makers, toaster ovens and other powered devices such as juicers etc.  There is a high likelihood that eating and cooking utensils will be specifically ordered to suit your man cave theme as well.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and you can once again contact me via email to put forth your ideas.