The Man Cave Bar

So you’ve decided that your man cave is going to need some readily available refreshments right? Well in that case, you’ll need to ensure you have a little bit of something, or a lot of something available for yourself and your guests. You’ll want some variety too!

Designing a bar for a man cave COULD be relatively easy and I’m not talking about having a plywood box in front of some painted walls decorated with some particle/press board laminated shelves…


This may be okay for room temperature bottles of liqueur, and maybe some cheap bottles of wine on a tight budget. HOWEVER, a knarly starter collection of fine wine with perhaps some classy-crystal decanters of your finest scotch and fine glassware THAT YOU will be displaying, don’t deserve paint-grade boredomness.     

Again, I’m thinking that your man cave bar isn’t going to be composed of a strictly in-laid, gold veined, mirror-tiled wall adorned with glass shelves and brass shelf supports either…

Don't even try to work with this please. Get a sledge and some PPE (personal protective equipment).

Don’t even try to work with this please. Get a sledge and some PPE (personal protective equipment). Otherwise it’s perfectly suitable for some shelves stocked with room-temperature Big Bear


I’m thinking you’d prefer something like this instead:


I told you stone would look good!

Brandon Architects, Inc Contractor/Interior Designer: Patterson Construction, Newport Beach, CA. Photo by: Jeri Keogel

         throw that up behind your counter top


And, In actuality, hanging some rock is going to be a lot less “finicky” than working with mirrored tiles anyway so this is a win-win! Out with the old, and in with the new! I talk about how to do all of that here as well.

Under the counter top, put your smaller functional items that you want to hide but will still serve your purpose to entertain, i.e. mini wine fridge, mini wine-cooler, kegerator, etc.

You are likely going to want some racks to store your wine appropriately AND for display as in the above photo. We will look at ideas for this in other posts, but keep in mind, that is how you could potentially decorate your stone wall.


You are going to need storage options Mister!


There are tons of options of beer fridges out there and we will explore these in future posts when we discuss cool ideas with them.

And, in the new world, we even have the option of kegerators if we want to get serious with beer. I mean, you can’t possibly thing about serving a Kolsch at the wrong temperature.

Furthermore, there are going to be those out there that are interested in fancy decanters to display their finest scotch and whiskey, etc.  Again, we’ll touch on decanters in the future as well.

As far as the amenities the bar provides you with such as a sink with running water, perhaps a dishwasher, a cabinet for glassware, and various racks, it is something you should consider before you go ahead and start building.

You’ll want to visit the facts of how many people your bar could be serving at once too, or how many people will likely be sitting around the bar. All good stuff to think of here.

Just like kitchens in most homes, your bar could very well be the place of gathering in the room despite all of the seating you may have arranged in the immediate vicinity.

There is something to be said about a warm and inviting area with great drink and delicious food that keeps your guests wanting to stay put and keep on chatting.

At this stage of design and planning, start considering the theme you are aiming for and how you’d like to incorporate this into your bar as well.

Remember, there is the lighting aspect of it all too that is going to create the ideal mood of this space in your man cave. Keep some of these ideas in mind  and check back often so you can appropriately plan for this special area of your man cave.

Hope this is a great start to get the wheels turning. Send me your thoughts.