Bar Room Cabinetry

At some point in the development of your man cave, you’re going to want to create a common gathering area or even a bar room. There’ll likely be a high quality counter-top with stools, and a serving area behind. Maybe a wine chiller and some beer taps, all of which can be found here on

Of course there are a trillion options to consider, and you might even consider building your own custom setup.

Our advice is to go ahead and stake out your custom blueprints on the layout you know will work best. Draw them out! It’s fun to create ya know. BUT then at that point, consider engaging a premium cabinet maker to assist you with the follow-through. Our cabinet maker of choice is high- quality but priced advantageously to your needs.

Our suggestion is to contact them and have them review your designs and ideas. It won’t cost you anything, and in the end, you’ll likely have a product that you love.

AND remember… the time it would take for you to do it would cost triple when considering hours put-in, versus picking up an extra shift or two at work to have it paid for done in a day. Do yourself a favor for once and get it done right and with ease! You deserve it!!!

Here are some examples of the work we are talking about:

Remember, these are just a couple of samples viewed within some different designs.

Your fully assembled premium cabinetry will be built to suite YOUR design at a savings of 30-50% over big box stores.

You’ll be designing your room in three easy steps:




There you have it. Once you’re all set up, please remember to send photos of your project so we can display them proudly on our website!

Until next time, be well and keep in touch! Happy mancaving! – MCO