Architectural Stone for the Man Cave: A Review of the Ultimate Stone Veneer

The One and Only Architectural Stone

OK guys, this is the cool stuff now… Do you understand how unbelievably awesome you can design anything, anywhere, once you learn this technique of installation ( insert technique of installation post). using beautiful stone veneers that LOOK like the real thing but weigh a tenth of it? For ALL of my stone veneer posts at, I am going to be talking about one brand, and for a good reason, their stone is:

“the most believable architectural stone veneer in the world”.

How do I know? It’s all over my house, and it’s all over the community, and it looks beautiful! I have worked with it too and built a front garden outside of my home with concrete, rebar, and cinder blocks, then I finished it in this stone to match my home and it has held up for 8 years now and looks exactly the same. I did it at my own just as anyone could and also saved money on installation costs.

My installed stone has lasted 8 years but not just any 8 years people…

Through 8 years multiplied by at least 10 freeze-thaw cycles each spring, with maybe 15-30 extreme expansive heat days in the summer inclusive of rapid cooling to low temperatures at night and extreme variability in humidity, it is still solid, intact, and looks like new. This retainer-walled garden also has a built in sprinkler system that I added as well so the soil volume is quite variant as well. It has been exposed to every element except fire, to the extreme and stood up amazingly! Mother nature is having a real battle trying to wreck this stuff…

Not sure about my weather claims? Ask anyone in Alberta how their skin feels in the winter, or any season for that matter. Especially if they are from another region of the world for work placement! They will tell you their skin looks and feels like dried leather.

So, to make a stone that looks real, and so real you have to walk up and touch it, but still really aren’t sure till you feel its raw light weight in your hand, a stone that can withstand that kind of variability in rugged temperatures and still look fabulous, is going to be a stone veneer that:

…is only going to look bad if someone colors on it with a wax crayon or spray paints it, that’s it!!

So this is why I am working with this stone, and this stone only for  Again, we will be working with, and talking  only about ELDORADO STONE®. That’s it!

If you aren’t sure where to get it, then click here to determine your local dealer. Stay tuned for my next posts on installation of the product. If you have any comments or suggestions, then please leave them below.




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