About Me

Hello everyone, I am Adam and I am your typical young family man and have owned my own home over the past eight years.

During this period, my wife and I have had the pleasure of moving into a newly built home, and have fortunately been able to create three beautiful children. At their young tender, and innocent ages of six, four, and twenty months, there has never been so much energy and vitality in our home! I want to make it clear now that there is nothing my wife and I are more grateful for. In light of this, with a growing family, and shrinking extra space in the house, I can officially say that now is the time I share with you how I have developed a little space of my own to maintain some quiet,  peace of mind from time-to-time. A space where one can escape to and recollect one’s thoughts if you will. Enter the man cave.

The reason I created this site was to assist folks like yourself in maintaining some peace of mind, mental health, and an all out temporary escape from the sometimes chaotic environment in the house. Even if everyone is out for the day, your man cave will become your own personalized retreat to clear your mind and quite frankly, not “give a rats” about anything else…a place to rejuvenate.  So, I have designed this website to share my personal experience with you and  provide you with some ideas to design your own private getaway.

I would also like to mention that if there is anything I say that peaks your interest, then I’d like you to get involved in my website. It’s great to be able to discuss new man cave ideas and products with others and I encourage you to share your ideas with me. If you have any opinions about the content in my website, please speak up as the feedback is valuable in every form. I want this place to be the BEST source for our purposes here!

So now onto more about my story and my experiences creating, and owning my own man cave…

I am currently in my late 30’s. Based on my experience and likely the regular, full-time employed  young family man in his 20’s or 30’s, or even 40’s for that matter, there is only a small amount of time remaining in the day he can spend with his family after a day at work. Moreover, after assisting with family duties at the end of the day and spending precious time with his spouse when all of the children go to bed, there really isn’t much time for anything else other than last minute preparations to repeat the same routine the following day. Although the majority of spare time is dedicated to spending wonderful moments with the family, opportunities do arise whereby one can escape to their own special retreat. This is what society has now dubbed for men, “the man cave”. Its actually become quite a fad, and there are numerous benefits to owning one, and likely a space you can find to build your own…just as I have done.

Most of us have tried to incorporate our “guy stuff” into the spouses home decor plans and we know what that led to! Remember the late teen years and early twenties when you were told that you’d have to share your space one day, and your “stuff” wouldn’t be allowed in the house? I specifically remember one of my high school teachers (CALM 20 : career and life management teachers), telling me that my stuff would be in boxes in the garage one day! I couldn’t fathom the idea then but you know what? He was absolutely right! Heck, even the paint color of the walls would have to pass judgement. So here we are, you and I, talking about the solution. It took a long time for me to figure this out, so instead of you slowly coming to this realization on your own, I’m getting you there sooner, and with a fabulous solution. Building and designing your own man cave!

I work night shift most of the time and I do this so I can see more of my family. If its a day shift I’m working, I leave the house at 5:30 am, and get home at 8 pm. They are all asleep, the children that is. I get a bit of time with my wife. If I work night shift, I wake up at 2 pm, spend four hours with my whole family, eat supper then go to work, and return at 8 am. I get an extra 3-4 hours per day with them by working nights. There is one issue that you need to consider if you are a shift worker, and I am sure you are well aware of it and that is, if you are sleeping in the same room as your spouse, then there is the noise factor that can disturb your rest. You don’t sleep as well, potentially get run down, and have less energy for the family when you need it. Therefore, all the reason to erect a special place to go and hibernate for your optimum rest.  A man cave is the answer, AND, with these tips you might be able to justify it a little easier when it comes to budget deliberation to allocate construction funds 🙂

Gentleman, we are in on this one together, and I am here to present you with some ideas. We can reflect on this and get each other through it with our uniform mastermind!  Let’s optimize our lifestyle here with wicked furniture, amazing fixtures, and wild gadgetry so that we can be the best in our lives.

Enter the man cave,

Yours truly,

Adam B.

email: admin@mancaveowner.com